Hairstyles for Young Bridesmaids

Updated February 21, 2017

Weddings are special occasions and bridesmaids want to look their best, especially since their photos will be taken with the bride. As such, Bridal Wedding Hairstyles says it is vital that bridesmaids' hairstyles live up to the occasion. To select the perfect hairstyle for young bridesmaids, consider styles that are age appropriate, compliment the theme of the wedding and pair with the wedding's formality.

Curly Half-do's

Young girls and curls go hand in hand. While curly updos may be too formal for young bridesmaids, a half-up style with soft curls will look lovely, feminine and youthful. This style can be used for girls with long or short hair. To accessorise, a pin with a bow on it instead of a plain beret can be used. This is a fun way to add some girlie charm to the 'do.


Braids are suitable for young bridesmaids, and can be designed in a variety of styles. Braids can be left down or pinned up in a bun or a twist. Multiple braids can be looped and intertwined to make an intricate bun. Leaving some curly strands loose in the front by the face will keep this style age appropriate. Up-braids require a lot of pinning, so using pins with little pearls glued on can add a decorate touch to the braid.


According to Simply Beautiful Hair, young bridesmaids can have fun with wearing accessories in their hair, such as satin headbands, tiaras and flowers. Such accessories make hairstyles more formal. It's a good idea to match the accessories to the details in the bridesmaid's dress, or the bride's gown--as long as the accessories do not overshadow the bride or cause too much attention. Keeping them simple and sweet is the best way to show off a young bridesmaid.

Themed Weddings

For themed weddings it is acceptable for the bridesmaids to have some fun with their hairstyles. Weddings on the beach, for example, may inspire bridesmaids to put tropic flowers in their hair. Weddings with a vintage theme make it appropriate for bridesmaids to wear old-fashioned pins or clips that date back to a particular era.

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