Shavers that leave stubble

Updated April 17, 2017

Some days a man wants to look a certain way. Not quite clean shaved, yet not quite rocking a full beard, either. Some days, wearing a fine layer of stubble is the best way to go. To this end, a variety of shaving companies have put out many different types of electric shavers that are geared towards keeping men's stubble looking good. Below you can find a list of several of these personal grooming machines.

Remington MB-900 High Precision

This stubble trimmer comes with a variety of heads so you can easily adjust the trim to the stubble of your liking. This trimmer is noted for its ability to get extremely close trims and for its light and economic design. One drawback that reviewers point out is a poorly designed "on" button, which can become stuck. It retails for £25.90 in most stores.

Babyliss For Men I-Trim Stubble -- 7850U Beard Trimmer

This shaver is noted for its ability to provide 30 different lengths, its main selling point. It also features an LCD screen, which lets you know the length the trimmer is set on. It is also wireless and features a self-lubrication feature. This is recommended if you would like to get an extremely close trim. Found in Europe, it is an upscale item that normally retails for 29.99 euros.

Philips Norelco QT4021 Stubble and Beard Trimmer

This trimmer receives excellent reviews, despite the fact that it does not hold a charge well. The blades have a self-sharpening feature, and the trimmer is noted for following the contours of the face particularly well. It retails in most stores for £25.90.

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