Half-Tied Hairstyles

Written by narie kim | 13/05/2017
Half-Tied Hairstyles
A half-tied hairstyle can add flair to anyone's hair (The girl with the dismissed hair image by IgorT from Fotolia.com)

The way you do your hair can change an entire outfit or fit a special occasion. With the variety of hairstyles, styling products and hair accessories, the possibilities are endless whether you have long or short hair and if your hair is curly or straight. Half-tied hairstyles can be dressed up or down.

Half-Clipped Hairstyle

According to the Beautiful Hairstyle website, one way to wear a half-tied hairstyle is to clip back half of the hair from your head, starting at your temples and ending with a clip at the centre of the head. You can make it dressy by keeping hair straightened and tightly tied back or messily tie it up and leave pieces of hair hanging down in wavy tendrils.

Pinned-Back Hairstyle

This hairstyle works better if the hair is wavy and curled. The Beach Wedding Guide website suggests using hair clips or other fashion pins and randomly grab pieces of hair from the front of your head and haphazardly pin it back. A flower accessory and other decorated clips give this hairstyle the versatility to be glamorous or casual, depending on the use of accessories to pin back your hair.

French Twist or Chignon

A twist suggested from the Hair Boutique website recommends taking classical up-do hairstyles like the French twist or chignon and instead of using your full head of hair, use only half to leave the rest of the hair falling down.

Half-Up Ponytail

By using a hair band, put your hair up into a half ponytail. The height of the ponytail is up to you as is the thickness of the ponytail. This is ideal for casual styles or for situations such as exercise to keep hair out of your face while still maintaining a style.

Half-Up Comb Hairstyles

Hair combs come in a variety of styles such as plain black plastic combs, tortoise shell patterned combs, jewelled combs and combs with beading and other decorations on them. To use a comb in your hair, take back half of your hair and wrap it in a loose bun and secure it to the back of your head using the comb.


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