Cloze Exercises for the ESL

Written by river lin | 13/05/2017
Cloze Exercises for the ESL
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ESL cloze exercises are used to develop vocabulary, content knowledge and grammar skills as well as to assess students' proficiency. Cloze exercises consist of short pieces of written text with several blanks strategically placed to reinforce the objective of the exercise. Cloze exercises can be a series of individual sentences or complete paragraphs or essays. Below are examples of cloze exercises.

Vocabulary Cloze Exercises

Karin and Leslie need to buy food, so they go to the . The name of their supermarket is Safeway. Before they go into the store, Karin gets a . They walk up and down the They're hungry, so they choose a lot of different food: soba noodles, pasta, chocolate, nuts, crackers, tomatoes. Karin also buys some cat food for Kitty. Luckily, cat food is , so it's cheaper than usual. Finally, Karin and Leslie get in line at the . (They are buying a lot of things, so they can't use the .) After the cashier gives them their change, they take their _ to the car and go home. Now it's time to eat! Use these words: • aisles • checkout counter • express lane • groceries • on sale • shopping trolley • supermarket


The (yellow/red) banana was very (hard/sweet). I drove my (car/boat) to the bank to get (money/food). Every (winter/fall) it gets very (hot/cold) in New York City. My (cat/fish) is very (furry/prickly).

Present Perfect Tense

you to the store yet? They not to the zoo. you ever raw fish? I ** never** to New York City

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