We talked about the "DASH" diet being high in low fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and all these things. Now I want to look specifically at what aspects of the diet might be affecting physiology. One thing that we can deduce from this diet is that calcium component is actually important, because calcium actually helps the heart contract, so calcium is needed for the contraction and the relaxation of the heart muscle. Bok choy is high in calcium; of course all your dairy products are high in calcium, as well. Those two things are needed for the diet. What we don't want to deduce from this is that taking a calcium supplement will have the same affect. This diet was done with foods, and not supplementation, and it did have the affect of reducing blood pressure in the research by ten millimeters of mercury on the systolic side; that higher number. It wasn't an actual calcium supplement. We just want to make that clear. Next, we'll be talking about potassium.