What Colors Go With Zebra Print?

Updated February 21, 2017

The bold, graphic quality of zebra print feels vibrant and hip, and the classic black-and-white zebra print matches a variety of hues. The versatile print often appears in more feminine design plans, but an imitation zebra-pelt rug can add a little jungle-safari eccentricity to a study or man's bedroom. Zebra complements a modern-eccentric design style; modern and eccentric styles favour bold colours and other strong design elements, so these should feature in zebra rooms. Avoid too-light neutrals on the walls such as light buffs and whites, as well as primary colours such as crayon red or blue, which do not feel sophisticated when matched with zebra.

Darker Tans

Earth tones such as dark tan and sienna complement a worldly room theme where the zebra print is included to enhance a natural feeling in the room design. Large doses of tan on walls or furniture are an attractive remedy to the somewhat stressful effect graphic zebra can have on the eyes.

Go Bold

Zebra print matched with bold colours, such as hot pink, complements rooms designed with a young, eclectic theme. Hot pink, when combined with black and white, is feminine without coming off as cloying. Use the colour on walls and accessories. Lime green is another popular bold hue that looks hip in a zebra room; bright turquoise and citrus yellow are yet more choices. Two or more of these colours can be used in the same room, as long as the complementing colours appear in small amounts as to not overwhelm the eye.

Deep Jewel Tones

Zebra print grows up gracefully when mixed with deep burgundy or emerald green. Heavy maroon curtains or brocaded bedding mixes well with some zebra upholstered pieces. This type of dark, sophisticated palette feels expensive while retaining a sense of sensuality.

Black and White

Matching zebra print to black or white seems a little too obvious, but it's not as easy as it seems: No amount of zebra print can make a too-black room seem less oppressive or a too-white room seem less washed out. Instead of covering the walls in black or white, introduce other elements of black and white to enhance the zebra print; for example, a black sofa or white coffee table will look crisp against a zebra print rug. To create a Hollywood style, add silver mirror elements or punches of clear crystal.

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