Short & curly hairstyles for kids

Updated April 17, 2017

Styling hair can be a challenge, especially if you struggle to tame your child's locks. Short, curly hairstyles on children cut down on fuss and ensure the little one can play without worrying about their mop. With a few tips, parents can create some short, curly hairstyles that are quick and simple.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is an ideal style for a child with curly hair since it requires little daily attention. The pixie cut is characterised by a very short hair cut that is cropped all around the head, but not shaved. The locks of hair are about two inches long, and curls around the face. This style works very well on young boys, but can also be used for little girls. While the hair is short, it is still long enough to dress up with bows or headbands. To style this hair in the morning, work a small amount of a hair shine serum into newly combed hair and let it dry.


A bob is a trendy low-maintenance look for all ages, and works especially well on young girls. The bob typically involves hair that is cut to about the chin, making it long enough to still push behind the ears. This is nice for girls with curly hair as it gives them some feminine length but is still hassle-free. For a variation on the bob, have the stylist cut the back part shorter than the front, so there are longer pieces framing the face. This gives the little girl some longer curls to play with while keeping the majority of the hair short and easy to maintain. To style this hair, rub a bit of pomade into the curls to add texture.

Shoulder Length

While relatively long, shoulder-length hair can be considered a short style. For curly shoulder length hair, the child will have the most style possibilities since there is more hair to work with. A nice way to style this length of curly hair is to rub some styling wax into wet hair and then use fingers to twist individual locks. When the hair dries, there will be full, shiny curls left behind. The length of this style also leaves the possibility of creating soft waves, by working a straightening serum into the wet curls.

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