Pajama Party Games for Women

Updated March 23, 2017

While pajama parties were once a children-only event, many modern women opt to throw their own sleepover parties and relive the fun of this youthful gathering. Just as with pajama parties intended for children, adult pajama parties provide the opportunity for guests to gossip, snack and engage in games. When planning your adult slumber party event, select an assortment of games with which to delight your party guests.

Taste Test

Put your guests' taste buds to the test with a taste test challenge. Prior to the party, fill several paper lunch sacks with an assortment of distinctive edible foods, such as pieces of cheese, small quantities of spices and candies. Ask guests to volunteer to take part in this flavour-related challenge. One at a time, blindfold your guests and, in front of the other party goers, feed the blinded guest the contents of the bag. After each item, ask the guest to guess what food she was just given. Reward the participant who makes the most correct guesses with an appropriate prize, such as a restaurant gift card.

Backyard Candy Hunt

Let your guests burn off some energy with a backyard candy hunt. Prior to the event, purchase an assortment of individually wrapped candies. Hide these candies in your backyard. After darkness falls, arm your partygoers with flashlights and ask them to venture into the backyard, using only the ray of the flashlights to find and gather the hidden candy. To make the activity more challenging, divide players into teams and reward the team that locates the most candy in the shortest amount of time.

Friendship Trivia Questions

Encourage your friends to think back on the good times you have shared by creating a friendship trivia quiz. Spend some time before the event thinking back on your friendship with the planned guests. Write out questions related to good times you have had together or events that you have shared. Place each question on a separate index card. When game time arrives, distribute these cards evenly between your party guests. One at a time, ask each guest to read the questions on her cards orally and answer them as well as she can. Record each player's score, and record the player who correctly answers the most questions.

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