Golf cake decorating ideas

Written by suzie faloon | 13/05/2017
Golf cake decorating ideas
Golf ball (Golf Moon image by bluefern from

A golf-themed cake is appropriate for a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, retirement or celebration cake. Round or rectangular cakes can be decorated with scenery, accessories or miniature golf displays for adults or children. Golf cakes can be made in single layer or tiered displays. Many images can be used to decorate a golfer's cake.

Golf Scenes

Golf cake decorating ideas
Golf cart (Golf cart on golf course image by Jim Mills from

Use shades of green to capture the colour of a golf course scene. Make a decorated cake featuring a favourite course, club or a single hole. Coloured coconut, sugar or graham cracker crumbs can be used for sand traps, and blue decorating gel for water sources. Miniature toy or party decoration golf clubs, golf carts or golf balls can add character to the scene. Top a golf-themed cake with a plastic golfer or golfing bride and groom decoration.

Golf Accessories

Golf cake decorating ideas
Golf bag (golf 3 image by Nathalie P from

Decorate a golf-themed cake with a golf bag, large golf ball, golf cart, gloves, hat, shirt or other accessory. Add fine details such as colour, texture, stitching and logos to the accessory replica cake. The cake can accurately reflect the colours and wear on your favourite golfer's bag full of clubs. An experienced decorator will use fondant, frosting and sugar to create leather, metal, plastic and cloth. These cakes can be set up on large cake boards or trays to be put on display.

Miniature Golf

Replicate a favourite miniature golf course or putting green on a golf-themed cake. A child's mini-golf birthday party can be celebrated with a cake that matches the features of the venue. An engagement cake featuring the location of the first miniature golf date is a whimsical dessert at a couple's party.

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