Ideas for a Big 13th Birthday Party

Updated April 17, 2017

A 13th birthday is a monumental one, and the party should celebrate the person's life and journey out of childhood into adulthood. Creativity and innovation can make a party one to remember through decorations, games and activities. If you're planning on having a big 13th party you will have to be prepared to spend a lot of time and money in the planning process.

Large 13-Year-Old Venue

Choose a venue to hold the big 13th birthday party. Some ideas for larger venues are roller skating rinks, arcades and laser tag centres. If the party is going to be very big, you may need to rent a school gymnasium or a large hall that is able to house all the guests. Look into renting an outside venue or even a portion of a local sporting arena.


The decorations should reflect the number 13. The cake can be made in the shape of number 13. Buy tablecloths, party hats and confetti with the number 13 on them. You can also find paper numbers that you can use to hang from the ceiling. Streamers with the number 13 can also be purchased for added ceiling decorations. There are also ice cube trays in the shape of 13 that can be used at the party.

Live Music

Hire a live music band that is popular among the 13-year-old's friends. This can be a local band or even a larger national band, depending on how much money you want to spend. The band can provide most of the entertainment for the party to help eliminate the need for a lot of planning.


Ask the people attending the party to give gifts relevant to the number 13. One person may give 13, one dollar bills, while someone else may give 13 bottles of the person's favourite soda. Encourage the attendees to get as creative and specific to the person as possible. Other 13 gift ideas are gifts cards with £8 on them, 13 of the person's favourite movies or 13 tickets to her favourite sporting event.

Blow Up Entertainment

Hire a company that can provide blow-up entertainment such as jump houses, large balloon-like slides and sumo simulation. Blow up entertainment is great for a large 13 year old party because it will make a huge impression on the guests and most 13 year olds will love to get their energy out while having lots of fun.

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