How to make your own jockey party hats

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Jockey hats, also known as jockey caps or jockey helmets, in addition to being the traditional headgear of racehorse riders and equestrians, also serve as a fashion statement. The jaunty look of the jockey hat makes a playful statement for a birthday or theme party. Create inexpensive jockey party hats with supplies from a craft or dollar store -- get kids or guests involved and the hat-making becomes a party activity. This craft suits all ages.

Set a foam visor on the table. Make a dot in the middle of the visor bill where you want the jockey hat bill to end. Jockey hat bills tend to be short, such as 5 cm (2 inches). Place a hair band on the visor. Have an assistant bend the headband open from its ends and line the middle of it up with the mark on the visor. Have her hold the ends of it on the visor so you can use it as a pattern for the jockey hat bill.

Cut along the line to create the jockey hat bill. Leave the bill attached to the visor.

Set four sheets of tissue paper on the table in a stack. Have your assistant place a deep paper bowl on her head. Place the stack of tissue paper on the paper bowl.

Place the visor over the tissue paper.

Remove the jockey party hat carefully from your assistant, keeping the tissue paper in place.

Cut off the excess tissue paper 2.5 cm (1 inch) below the bowl.

Create a zig zag of glue along the inside of the tissue paper and fold the tissue paper up inside the bowl to glue it in place. If the visor strap doesn't go all the way around, staple the tissue paper to the bowl and visor strap to give the jockey party hat extra stability.

Glue a velvet button to the centre of each jockey party hat for the crowning touch.

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