Blast From the Past Ideas for School Spirit Week

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Typically held in the weeks leading up to a homecoming game, school spirit week is an ideal time for students to show their pride in their school. Spirit week instils a sense of camaraderie and unity among students and also offers a break from the regular school day.

During spirit week, a specific theme is chosen and students dress in a way that relates to the theme. Blast from the Past is a common theme and there are several ways to pull off such a theme.

Roaring '20s

Choose a Roaring 20s theme during school spirit week. For this theme, girls can dress up as flappers and guys can dress up as gangsters. To achieve these looks, girls can either purchase a flapper dress from a costume store or check out a second-hand shop to see what type of inexpensive options are available. A flapper dress can also be sewn from scratch. Accessories for these costumes include pearl necklaces, fishnet stockings, boas and feathers worn in the hair. Guys can sport three-piece pinstripe suits, fedora or porkpie hats and chains dangling out of their pockets. These items can also be purchased at a costume or a second-hand shop.

1950s Sock Hop

Bring the age of the 1950s Sock Hop back to life during school spirit week. Poodle skirts were all the rage for preppy girls during this decade. Girls who choose this look can accessorise their skirts with button-down shirts, letter sweaters and saddle shoes and they can wear their hair in ponytails with scarves wrapped around them. Alternatively, girls can dress up as Pink Ladies -- the girls that hung around with greaser boys. For this look, ladies will need a leather jacket, tight jeans or leather trousers and a pair of high heel shoes. For the men who are dressing up in 1950s-era clothing, they can opt to dress in madras shirts and chino trousers or a blazer and a pair of khakis if they're choosing the preppy boy route. If a guy prefers the greaser image, a leather jacket, jeans, a white T-shirt and slicked back hair will create the look.

Psychedelic 60s

The age of the love child and free love can be a theme during your school spirit week. Tie-dye is a staple element for both boys and girls who are dressing up for the psychedelic 60s; either shirts, trousers, skirts or headbands can feature a tie-dyed effect and can be purchased or handmade. The girls can either wear long, flowing skirts or sundresses and both boys and girls can wear bell bottom trousers. Another clothing item that can be worn for this decade by both genders is fringed vests. Accessories for 1960s costumes include John Lennon sunglasses, peace sign necklaces and love beads. Boys and girls can both sport these items. Costume shops, thrift stores and parents' closets are ideal places to find 1960s attire.

Funky 70s

The 1970s is another decade that can be chosen for a blast from the past school spirit week. Funky disco attire should be worn to bring this groovy age back to life. Guys can wear leisure suits or wide collared shirts with the top buttons undone and large bell bottom trousers. Ladies can wear fringed dresses, maxi dresses or mini skirts. Accessorise with Afro wigs, gold chain necklaces, large-framed sunglasses and platform shoes. As with the 60s, kids can look for apparel at a thrift store, a costume shop or they can root through their parents' old clothes.