Traditional guatemalan games

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Some traditional games played in Guatemala date back to the Mayan civilisation. The Mayans lived in present day Guatemala around 1500BC. Games enjoyed by Guatamalan children are also popular around the world.


Ulama is a ball game based on an ancient Mayan sport, which people still play in the 21st century. Evidence shows that other ancient Central American cultures played this game as well. The object of the game is to keep the ball in play and within the boundary lines. The game involves five or more players on each team. Points are awarded when the other team misses a ball, hits the ball out of turn or hits the ball with anything other than the hip. The first team that reaches eight points in the winner.


Pinatas are a popular party activity in many Hispanic cultures. Guatemalan pinatas a traditionally formed out of wire in the shape of a donkey. Newspaper is then glued on to form thick walls. Then tissue paper is applied to make the pinata decorative. Then everyone takes a turn hitting the pinata until it breaks. When it breaks, candy and treats spill out of it.


Guatamalan children and adults of all classes enjoy playing soccer, also known as football. Because all you need is a ball, anyone can play. It is so popular that many kids dream about being international soccer stars.

Egg Racing

A traditional game Guatamalan children play, like others around the world, is egg racing. This is where each player puts an egg on the spoon and races with his opponents to the finish line. The first one to the finish line without breaking the egg is the winner.

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