How to Plan Greek Party Games

Plan Greek Party Games

Ancient Greek-themed parties may have their roots in ancient orgies--making them a bit out there for modern parties--but you can still spice up your party with Greek-themed party games and festivities. Here are a few to try.

Feature a torch lighting ceremony at the beginning of the games you plan to incorporate. Like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, ask a few guests to be involved. Give the first guest a hand torch (the kind you use to light fireplaces) and ask him/her to say a few words before handing the torch over to another guest. The last guest lights the fire in a fireplace or outside in a firepit. Let the games begin!

Print out a list of the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses and what they each ruled over and make it into a quiz. Ask guests to match up the god or goddess with their power (see Resources below for link).

Grab a copy of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," a chilled bottle of Ouzo and some shot glasses. Any time a character says the word "Greek" throughout the movie, everyone takes a drink of Ouzo.

Collect a bunch of cheap dishes and some Greek music. Toward the end of the evening, play the music and invite guests to throw the dishes, break them and yell Opa! as a symbol of new beginings--not to mention a great stress reliever!

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