School Assembly Game Ideas

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Getting students together for a school assembly requires that those children remain occupied. Keep their attention by having a game during the assembly. This will engage the students' attention and prevent trouble from bored students.

Air Band

Have groups of students volunteer to portray their favourite bands. As a tape of the music plays, the students in a group each act out the playing of invisible guitars, drums and vocals. The students in the audience vote by a show of hands on the best “air band” group.

Quiz Show

Host a quiz show with the principal competing against the cheerleading squad or the football team. Give each team a bell to ring when they know the answer to a question. The teams compete to answer questions about the school's history or academic questions. Since the adult principal has a knowledge advantage of his extra years of schooling and working in the school, he should compete against several students. Choose questions which both the principal and the students can answer correctly to make the quiz show more competitive and exciting.

Eating or Drinking Contest

Host an eating competition with a sports' team or the teachers where the contestants compete to see who can eat the most school hamburgers or drink the most soda in a given time. This purely fun option makes an ideal addition to school pep rallies or assemblies to get the students in the mood for cheering on their school at an upcoming sports competition.

Relay Races

Choose a pair of students from each grade to compete in a relay race. The students stand 30 feet apart. One student either gets a raw egg on a spoon or a plate with a feather on it. The student with the egg or feather must walk to his partner, holding one hand behind his back. His partner then takes the spoon or plate and races back to the other side with one hand behind her back. The feather must remain on the plate at arm's length, and if the feather or egg falls, the player must pick it up where it dropped to continue. If the raw egg breaks, that team must return to the start line to get a new egg or sit out the rest of the relay.

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