Ideas for birthday cards for men

Updated July 19, 2017

Making a birthday card yourself means you can tailor it to fit the personality of the recipient. Ties, cars, sports and tools are all good themes for men's birthday cards. If your guy is not into any of those things, chances are you'll find stickers or printed paper that capture his personality and that you can adapt to a card design.

Ties and Other Masculine Clothing

Trim a blank card into the shape of a tie, leaving enough of the fold intact so that the card still opens. Cover the front of the card with patterned paper that fits your guy's style.

Another idea---add a paper pocket made out of denim-patterned paper to the front of a blank card. Add the effect of top stitching around the edges of the pocket with a black pen. Slip cash, a coupon or a gift card into the pocket to give as a card and gift in one.

Cars and Other Moving Vehicles

Use a blank card to make a convertible. Across the folded side of the card, cut a curve out of the middle for a front seat. Be sure to leave some of the top fold intact on either side of the curve. Trim a bumper and a hood. Across the bottom, trim around two half circles for a set of tires. Cover these with circles cut from black paper. Add hubcaps trimmed from grey paper. Use a black pen to draw the car door and door handle. Glue on a triangle for the windshield and a T-shaped cut-out for the steering wheel.

For variations, make an RV for a newly retired man or a motorcycle for a biker.

Sports of All Kinds

Use your guy's favourite sport to design a card. Use a large single-item sticker or several small images. Create a scene such as a kicker kicking a football through the goalpost or a fisherman standing on a river bank. If your guy is a spectator rather than a player, make the card look like a TV set with the sport scene playing out on the TV. Dress the players in your husband's favourite team's colours.

The DIY Guy

For the man who can fix anything, make a toolbox card. Position the fold of a blank card across the top and trim off the lower two-thirds of the front of the card. Cover the flap and the exposed inside of the card with grey paper. Use a black pen to add toolbox details, such as the clasp and the hinges. Cut a handle out of black or dark grey paper and glue it to the top of the card. Inside the card, add cut-outs or stickers of tools and, of course, a happy birthday sentiment.

Personalise with His Name or Picture

Spell your guy's name out on the front of a card. Find interesting sticker letters and use by themselves or add to the inside of bottle caps and glue to the front of the card.

Glue his picture to the front of a blank card. Add a nostalgic touch by using black and white pictures of him as a kid.

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