Ideas for a birthday cake for a 13 year old

Written by siva stephens | 13/05/2017
Ideas for a birthday cake for a 13 year old
Choose a cake that matches a 13th birthday party theme. (cook carrying cake,vector illustration image by Accent from

The 13th birthday is a very important one. The child has moved into the world of the teenager, with all the new privileges and responsibilities that implies. He or she has specific interests and tastes, and these are a good basis for a birthday party theme. Whether the teen is a fashionista, a skater or a musician, you can find a birthday cake that will accentuate the decorations and make the party even more memorable.

Lucky number thirteen

If she likes the punk styles, consider a Lucky 13 cake. Ice it in white, and use black gel icing to pipe skull features on the top. Add skeletal eye and nose sockets and outline a toothy grin -- or draw a skull-and-crossbones outline on the cake. Use black candles.


If he's a skater, there are several good options for a skateboard-themed cake. Many bakeries have skate park designs, or you can order a cake topper online that looks like a ramp. To make a skateboard cake, bake one layer in a 22.5 cm (9 inch) square pan and one in a 22.5 cm (9 inch) round pan. Lay the square layer on a serving board. Cut the round layer in half and put the halves against opposite ends of the square. Ice in a colourful design; push a small chocolate doughnut onto each end of a pretzel rod, and position two of these rods as "wheels."

By the seashore

For the outdoor lover, make a beach cake. Ice a sheet cake with a thin layer of icing, and then cover a portion of it with crushed vanilla wafers for "sand." Use blue gel icing on the rest of the cake for "water" -- add a few gummi fish and sharks. Stick small toy palm trees, beach balls, and lounge chairs in the sand. A hula dancer is a nice touch too.

MP-13 player

Teenagers adore their gadgets, so if the birthday kid is a music lover consider an iPod cake. Smooth white icing over a rectangular sheet cake, then pipe the outline of a circle (for the controls) on the lower two-thirds of the cake and a rectangle (for the screen) on the upper third. Use light-blue icing to fill in the screen area and to draw the buttons on the control circle. Write "Happy Birthday" on the screen with black gel icing.

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