Ideas for a 25th Anniversary Cake

Updated February 21, 2017

Twenty-five years together is quite an achievement, so of course you want to celebrate it in a spectacular fashion. To achieve this goal, any cake you make should reflect the lucky anniversary couple in every detail. Since this day is all about them, no other cake will be able to compare as long as you obey this one rule.


The best anniversary cakes tell you a lot about the couple celebrating, whether you know them well or not. Therefore, when you're making a cake for a lucky silver anniversary couple, it's important to have a clear theme in mind.

Perhaps your lucky couple first met while scuba diving and looking at exotic sea life off the coast of Hawaii, and have taken vacations there together ever since. Maybe they're known throughout their circle of friends and family for their love of taking long motorcycle rides together. The important thing is to find your couple's shared essence so that you can bring it to life in cake.


Your plans will obviously vary depending on the number of people who will be attending the party. In general, as with many other cakes, you'll want to start several days ahead. If you're making a multitiered cake, you can even bake the cakes themselves ahead of time and freeze them, leaving decorating as the only task you do right before the big day. Just make sure to allow ample time for defrosting before you assemble and decorate the cake. You may also want to make a batch of simple syrup from sugar and either water or cognac to use in rehydrating your cake tiers prior to assembly.


Our first couple shares a love of tropical fish, and we're making them a three-tiered cake. Cover the bottom tier with dark blue fondant. Cover the top two tiers with a lighter blue fondant. Use photos to create and paint local tropical fish from fondant and place on the bottom two tiers using buttercream as glue. Use black or ivory sanding sugar (depending on if you want Hawaii's famous black sand or normal sand on your beach) on the top tier. Use fondant to mould the lucky couple in scuba gear, then paint them with decorating dust mixed with vodka or water. Place them on one edge of the beach tier, about to dive down to look at some fish together.

Our second couple shares a love of long motorcycle rides together, and we're making them a sheet cake. Cover the cake with green fondant. Next, carve a long, winding strip of black fondant and lay it out over the top to look like a road. Mold the lucky couple out of fondant, paint them with decorating dust, and seat them on a couple of toy motorcycles. You can also add other details (trees, mountains, or animals) to better reflect the kind of rides they usually take.

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