Ideas for Buttercream Decorated Cakes

Updated April 17, 2017

Buttercream cakes have a reputation for tasting better than cakes decorated with fondant and sugar paste. So if you can decorate a cake with buttercream creatively, your baked goods will be in high demand. While purchasing a special pan for each cake is a common approach, it is not always necessary. Make round and rectangular cakes look stunning by using a variety of decorating tips and colours.


This idea works particularly well with a multilayered cake that has been baked in square or rectangular pans. Use a basket-weave decorating tip to layer frosting in a basket-weave design. Fill the basket with buttercream flowers for a lovely springtime cake that will be a welcome addition to Easter and Mother's Day celebrations.

Mud Derby Cake

Thrill mud derby fans and chocolate lovers alike with a mud derby cake. Use a rectangular or round pan and frost the cake with chocolate buttercream, using a spatula to give it a smooth finish. Wilton recommends thinning the frosting with 3 to 4 tbsps.of corn syrup to ease spreading. Make a batch of chocolate ganache and pour "puddles" of it on the top of the cake, then top it with a toy monster truck. Put splashes of ganache on the tires, sides and windshield for authenticity.

Sports Cake

Use a dome-shaped pan to create a cake that resembles a baseball, basketball or soccer ball. This cake can be used for after-game parties, as a bake sale item for a sports team or as a birthday cake for a young athlete. Dome-shaped pans can also be used to make flowers and as an add-on to circular and rectangular cakes.


Create a delightful doughnut cake by baking two shallow round layers, then stacking them and carving a hole in the middle. Frost it with a thin layer of caramel-coloured buttercream and use an additional layer of white or pink buttercream to create the doughnut's frosting. Using a number-two decorating tip and a variety of pastel colours, pipe "sprinkles" on the cake. This cake is ideal for a police officer or anyone who enjoys doughnuts or clever cakes.


Use a new terra-cotta flowerpot to bake the cake, then frost it with a layer of golden brown buttercream. Use a spatula to make the frosting absolutely smooth. Pipe a mound of buttercream on top of the cake to give your design some height, then pipe the flowers of your choice. Pipe a few tendrils and leaves down the side of the pot as well. This cake will require patience, as you will need to create quite a few flowers and leaves to give your flowerpot a lush look.

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