Hairstyles With Braids for Thin Hair

In general, people with thin hair think most hairstyles tend to make their hair look limp and are always getting flops. A good way to actually achieve full and fashionable hairstyles for thin hair is through braids. Braids especially look good with fine, thin hair.

Braiding involves the interweaving of three or more strands of hair overlapping in a diagonal pattern. Each one can be thick or thin and can be enhanced with a variety of shapes, colouring, hair extensions and hair accessories. There are braided hairstyles that come semi-permanent, and those that allow varying hairstyles from day to day.

Women with Thin Hair

The secret to a good hairstyle for thin hair is to make sure the hair is kept in good condition. Dry and greasy hair looks really bad whether you keep your hair wash and wear or you style it. You need to put volume to thin hair to make it look full, flowing and fashionable.

Hairstyles that fit best for thin hair are often short or layered, about chin length or slightly longer. Longer hair needs more maintenance. And long, thin hair is more prone to becoming brittle and coarse; thus, resulting in damaged strands and split ends.

Braided Hairstyles For Everyday Use

There are those braided hairstyles that are easy to maintain and can be done by just about anybody. Most are versatile and can easily be maintained in the hot summer months. The basic ones take less time to do, while thin braided styles can be a challenge and require more time to finish.

The versatility of braided hairstyles provides more fashion statement, especially when accessorising the hair. The good thing about most braids is that whether you go with the one-braid effect or multiple braids, they can both get advantage in doing updos and bunching the braided and non-braided hair together. And they keep the hair looking thick and full.

Semi-permanent Braided Hairstyles

Semi-permanent braids are usually utilised in braided black hairstyles. These can be worn all year round. And it involves protective styles that allow for various African hair braiding designs. They are usually maintained with natural oils and moisturisers. Some of the more popular braiding styles also include micro-braids, cornrow braid styles, short hair braid weave styles, individual braids, braided locks, twists, plaits and coils.

Braided Hairstyles For Special Occasions

There are those who get frustrated in finding hairstyles to appeal in many different occasions such as formal gatherings where many beautiful long, full and flowing hairstyles are on display. But actually, for occasions like a ball, wedding or prom, there are also a number of elegant braided hairstyles for thin hair to choose from. Longer hairstyles allow for good choices in doing a braided updo. Such covers up the fact that the hair is thin – and there are many variations that can be utilised with such hairstyles.

Some of the more popular styles include braiding around the crown of the head, French twists and unusual hair knots, warrior and goddess braids, crimped and modified updos, slick, messy or undone bun updos, string pulled braided chignons, and elegant braids turned into hair rolls. Putting hair accessories, jewelleries and ribbons can also help accentuate various looks for thin hair.

Hairstyling Tips

The use of a wide variety of braiding styles has resulted to many techniques on how to keep hair from looking dull and thin. The often use of curling irons can damage the hair. If you have enough time, you can also braid your hair in the morning and untie them for instantly elegant locks by your evening affair.

When using hair extensions and accessories to your braided hairstyle, make sure they are placed securely and carefully to avoid tangles and lock-ups that can destroy your hairdo, or possibly even your hair.

If you are unsure of which hairstyle to choose, or you need further guidance in choosing the right braided looks for your thin hair, ask the advice of a hairdresser, research on the Internet, and read hair and fashion magazines for inspirations.

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