How to Make Your Own Razor Comb

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Razor combs have been around for many years and are often used for cutting and thinning trendy layered hairstyles. You can purchase a razor comb to create layered lengths, or you can make a simple, inexpensive one that may not be as adjustable but will be as effective.

Glue a thin line of rubber grip stripping to the inside of the clamp using superglue. The rubber will help keep the clamp still and stationary. Use a 2-inch wide, metal flat-mouth clamp usually used for papers or hanging.

Place the razor blade against the comb on the end where the teeth are the longest and widest. Make the comb and razor blade tops even.

Place the clamp over the razor and comb so that the clamp holds the razor in place. Approximately a millimetre of the comb's teeth should be below the razor blade. Now you can use your razor comb.

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