Interior Decorating of Mobile Homes

Updated February 21, 2017

The limited space and unusual construction of a mobile home can often make decorating difficult. However, knowing how to take advantage of potential decorating pitfalls can help you turn your crowded mobile home into a warm and inviting haven. Consider a few suggestions as you get ready to decorate or redecorate.


Paint your walls light, fresh colours. Keep in mind that dark colours always make a room look smaller, so do your best to steer away from them. Try painting bedrooms a pale yellow, muted green or light blue colour. Similar colour schemes work well for main living areas, too. However, if you want to spice it up a bit, try using bold, rich colours with complimenting accessories like a throw blanket, pillows, lamps, fresh flowers, curtains or a rug. suggests colour combinations like "cranberry and mustard...or moss green and golden yellow."


Don’t despair if your mobile home came complete with the gloomy, outdated wood panelling that so many mobile homeowners complain about. Try painting it a soft cream or off-white colour. However, keep in mind that you will need one or two coats of primer before you make such a dramatic colour change.

Vertical Paneling Strips

Another common problem with mobile home decor is the strips of wood that cover the corners where two walls join. If you’re willing to put the work into it, you can eliminate these often unattractive pieces by removing them and closing the gaps with joint compound and a putty knife. If you have trouble forming an attractive corner with the joint compound, consider using the compound to texture the surrounding walls. This way, you get a fresh look and no one will notice if your corners look a little rough.


Ample light helps even the most cramped room appear bright, airy and inviting, so make the most of your windows and light fixtures. Try replacing blinds with sheer, white curtains for a fresh appearance that lets plenty of sunshine in. Replace any burnt out light bulbs. Whenever you can, turn off the fluorescent lights and use more creative sources of light--mount lights on the wall, hang Japanese lanterns or position warm floor lamps throughout the room.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Brighten up your kitchen by replacing dark cabinet doors with glass-framed ones. For under-the-sink cabinets, try removing the doors and using a curtain instead. You can make your bathroom look bigger by replacing dark flooring with light-coloured tile. Try magnifying the space with mirrors as well. In fact, mirrors and bright paintings can amplify space in any of your mobile home's rooms.


Don’t waste space with big, bulky furniture. Use a lighter, downsized sofa and some matching chairs. Also, furniture with curved lines helps break up the geometric feel that mobile homes can tend to have.


Splurge on the bed. While you might not have room for a gigantic bed in your small mobile home bedroom, don’t be afraid to pile on plenty of attractive linens, blankets, and pillows. This helps add height and dimension to the room.

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