Hairdos for the Mother of the Groom

Updated April 17, 2017

The wedding is the bride's day, however, it is important for the mother of the groom to look especially fabulous, as well. The hairstyles of the wedding party should associate with the bride. Although, the mother of the groom is free to choose her own style; her hairdo should correlate with the attire and theme of the wedding. It is also common that the mother of the groom wears a colour within the theme of the wedding.


The up-do is generally worn at a formal wedding. These include evening and black tie weddings. A traditional wedding also calls for an up-do. If the mother of the groom has longer hair, a partial up-do is also appropriate. Strands framing the face or sections of hair flowing down the back from the up-do make an elegant look.

Soft and Romantic

The mother of the groom will be comfortable at a daytime or warm-weather wedding with a soft and romantic hairdo. The more casual setting allows for the hair to flow over the shoulders or for shoulder-length hair to be curled and left down. Mothers with longer hair could wear the sides up and longer lengths to flow down the back.

Accessorised or Short and Elegant

Accessorising the perfect hairdo with a hat or jewellery will add some flair to the complete look. Many weddings have an overall theme. If that theme includes a hat or specific accessories, the mother of the groom should feel comfortable taking part in that aspect of the event. A hat can be paired with either an up-do or long hair. It is also a great look with shorter hair. Wearing jewellery in the hair as an accessory will emphasise the elegance of a formal wedding.

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