What to Put on a Birthday Cake for Age 13

Updated April 17, 2017

A 13th birthday is a big day for a young girl or boy, as it marks the start of their teenage years. You can mark the occasion by putting something special on top of your child's birthday cake. The choices are varied, and you can top the cake with everything from sparklers to candy.

Number Candle

In lieu of placing 13 candles around the cake, purchase a set of number candles instead. Place a candle in the shape of a one and a candle in the shape of a three together to add a sense of occasion to this birthday. Or, you can sometimes find one single number candle shaped like a 13. Your child can keep the candle as a memento to remember her big day.


You can purchase a small plastic figurine from your kid's favourite movie or show and place it on the top of the cake. A figure from the movie series "Star Wars," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Spiderman" or "Harry Potter" will be easy to find at toy stores. Then your kid can take the figurine off the cake and keep it.


If you don't want to put traditional candles or toys on the cake at all, consider topping the cake with wrapped candy that guests can remove and eat along with the cake. Sour candies and bubblegum lollipops will be a big hit with tweens and young teens, and you can cover the cake with whatever candy your 13-year-old likes best.

Trick Candles

Trick candles are candles that keep relighting themselves, even when the birthday kid keeps blowing on them. These can be a fun and cool addition to a cake and it's something a little edgy for a child just becoming a teen. The child's friends will also be impressed by the candles, and can help out with the blowing. Other candle alternatives include sparklers, which make a big impact when placed on a cake.

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