Cake Decorating Ideas for a 33 Year Old Male's Birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

Your boyfriend, brother or even just a male buddy is turning 33 and you're looking for decorating ideas for his birthday cake. Think about some of the things he enjoys, such as sporting activities or hobbies. Design a cake around those ideas. Personalise the cake by including details such as his name and age, or even a simple "Happy Birthday."


He's a book lover so create a cake in the shape of a book, using the rectangular shape of a sheet cake. Write the title of his favourite novel on the face of the book using icing and food colouring. For guys who prefer recreational activities, create a cake in the shape of a television or a remote control. Write the channel number "33" in the corner of the "television" in edible coloured gel or in coloured icing.


Romantic cakes are an option for a couple. Have a cake professionally done with an image of you or of the both of you on the top. Design a sheet cake into the shape of a heart to show him how much you love him. Top a cake with personalised bobble heads of the two of you. Recreate a romantic vacation with your cake. For instance, create a two-dimensional beach scene on a sheet cake, reminiscent of your Caribbean honeymoon.


Pick a favourite sport of his to design the ideal cake. For instance, create a decorative race car cake for the NASCAR fan. Create a one-dimensional sheet cake of a racetrack, using edible miniature cars. Personalise the cake by using a cutout of a picture of his favourite race car or driver. Use food colouring to decorate the car with the exact colours and car number. Since it's his 33rd birthday, create a cake in the shape of a basketball jersey with the number 33 printed on the front of the jersey. For guys that enjoy golf, design a two-dimensional scene of a golf course or make a round cake and decorate it as a golf ball.


If you prefer to prepare a homemade cake and not purchase a professionally made one, use a novelty cake pan. For example, Wilton pans come in several shapes and designs, which include footballs, baseballs, teddy bears and trucks, for the monster truck junkie.

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