Does a Cream Sofa With Chairs Go With Cream Curtains?

Cream -- both the colour and the food derived from milk -- symbolises luxury and easy living. Whether your room is casual or formal, cream-coloured curtains or other window treatments combined with a cream-coloured sofa and chairs create an inviting space. The only decision should be just how much more cream you would like to serve.

Straight Cream

For centuries, living spaces have been saturated with creamy whites to denote wealth and opulence. Cream-coloured walls, furniture, draperies, rugs and accessories combined in one room create a feeling of elegance today. When selecting various tones of white, use those with a yellow undertone to achieve that creamy look. Whites with a blue undertone look too cool against a true cream colour. Textural or painted details in fabrics and trims, furniture, lamps and accessories provide additional interest where desired.

Coffee With Cream

Warm brown tones contrast well against cream to produce more drama in your room. Walls, flooring and rugs in colours of coffee, cocoa, taupe or beige will make your cream furniture and curtains pop, which can be a desirable result in traditional as well as contemporary spaces. Brown tones in tables, lamps, doors and trim have the same effect. Use a little or a lot of one or several warm brown tones to suit your taste. Remember throw pillows and wall art to spread the contrast around the room.

Fruit and Cream

The colours of strawberry, blueberry and orange seem to naturally blend with cream in any setting. For more style flavour, try mango, kiwi or grape. Mix up the fruit colours in your rug pattern, throw pillows, lamps, art and accessories. Consider embellishing the hems of your curtains, chairs or sofa with a fruit-coloured trim. If you dare, take a bold step and choose one of those colours for the walls. Your cream upholstery and window treatments will shine even brighter because of it.

Cream Frosting

Combining cream curtains with a cream sofa and chairs is still a good choice even when your room is loaded with many colours. Cream gives the eye a place to rest in a very colourful room and allows people to appreciate the colours that surround it. Depending on the style of the room, your cream window treatments may be simple fabric shades, light and breezy panels or richly detailed formal draperies. Let them work to enhance the other flavours of your room just as a good cream frosting does for the flavour of any cake.

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