Police Cake Ideas for a Lady

Updated July 19, 2017

A lady may enjoy a police-inspired cake if she is a police officer or has a special tie to the police force. Create a police-inspired cake for a lady who has just joined the force, who is married or engaged to a police officer, trains police dogs or has a son or daughter on the force. A police cake can be a simple sheet cake with police-inspired decorations or a 3-D cake sculpted or moulded in a police motif.

Sheet Cake Motifs

A white sheet cake can be transformed into a police themed cake for a lady with some decorating techniques. Use icing to draw a picture of a police woman in uniform. Add details such as a squad car in the background.

Another way to make a police-themed sheet cake that is appropriate for a lady, is to have a picture copied onto the cake top. For example, take a photo of a police woman in uniform to a bakery. They can scan the picture into a machine and print it out onto edible paper that can be placed on a cake top.

Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are an easy way to decorate a police-themed cake for a lady. Start with a sheet cake and add appropriate cake toppers to it. Use small police squad cars or police woman action figures to decorate the top.

Another way to top a police cake is to dress a fashion doll in a police uniform. Sew a pink uniform and trim the cake with a pink icing.

Sculpted Cakes

Create a sculpted police-themed cake to celebrate a police woman's birthday or other occasion. Make a sculpted cake by stacking layers of cake and putting frosting between the layers. You can use skewers or toothpicks between layers to help to secure them.

Create a police car sculpted cake out of two sheet cakes stacked on top of each other. Remove the excess cake with a sharp knife and frost the cake with traditional butter-cream frosting or fondant. Use pink piping and trim in place of traditional dark blue police car appointments to create a more feminine look. Another type of sculpted police cake can feature a police badge. Cut the cake in the shape of a police badge. Frost the cake in yellow icing and use cursive writing to write the message on the cake. The cursive writing will bring a feminine look to the cake. Surround the cake with yellow or white flower buds.

Other Police Cake Ideas for a Lady

There are a variety of ways to create a police cake for a lady. Use a cake mould such as Wilton's Pint-sized Police Cake that features a police man. Add hair, eye lashes and lipstick to transform the policeman into a policewoman.

You can also make cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. Frost the cupcakes with pink frosting and use tiny handcuffs, badges and police cars (found at craft, baking supply and toy stores) as toppers.

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