Karate cake decorating ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A karate-themed birthday party wouldn't be complete without a karate-themed cake. You can adapt and change several karate cake decorating ideas to suit your needs. Your child and the guests will get to view and enjoy t he creative cake you baked.

Karate Jacket

Cut a 3-inch-by-9-inch slice from one end of a 9-by-13 cake. Make the sleeves by cutting the slice in half, on an angle. Cut a 2-inch V-shape from the centre of the main cake to make the neckline. Place the sleeves on each side of the larger piece and cover it all in white decorating icing. Detail the cake by icing two thin brown lines along the neckline, sleeve edge and down the front of the jacket. Soften 10 yellow Starburst candies in the microwave for two seconds shape them into two 1.5-by-7-inch strips to make the belt.

Photo Image Cake

If you're creating a cake for your child's birthday, you could include him in it. Find a picture of him in his karate uniform and take the photo to a bakery, where the employees can create an edible image of the photo. Alternatively, you can purchase your own edible icing printer, ink and sheets starting at £278 as of May 2011.

A Mini Karate Birthday Girl

Another karate cake idea is to make a miniature bust of the child celebrating her birthday. Use a Big Top Cupcake silicone container (sold at or another giant cupcake mould to create the torso. Cover the cake in off-white icing for the shirt and white icing for the collar. Use yellow icing for the belt. Add extra icing on the top of the cake to shape it like a body. Find a picture of her face, print it as an image to scale with the torso, cut it out and stick it on top of the torso.

A Plank Of Wood

In karate, you learn about chopping planks of wood in half with your bare hands. Decorating your cake to look like a plank of wood ready to be attacked will get a laugh. Bake the "wood" portion of the cake in a rectangular pan and "bricks" in a loaf pan. Cut the loaf cake in half and balance the rectangular cake on the two loaf halves. Decorate the wood with light brown icing and the bricks with grey.

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