Grooming styles for cockapoos

Updated April 17, 2017

Cockapoos are a hybrid breed created by mixing a cocker spaniel and a poodle. The resulting dog has a full coat of wavy hair that requires significant grooming. Since there is no breed standard cut, the cockapoo can be groomed in a variety of styles. Certain cuts make the breed more easily recognisable.

Cockapoo coat

The cockapoo coat can come in a variety of colours, including tan, sable, white and red. The coat incorporates the long silky hair of the cocker spaniel with the curly hair of the poodle to create a wavy coat of soft, silky hair. The coat is low dander and does not shed much, making the cockapoo a good dog for allergic owners. The curly hair can mat if not brushed regularly, and the hair above the eyes should be clipped regularly so that it does not inhibit the dog's sight. When the cockapoo's coat is overgrown it can be easy to confuse it with other breeds.

Lamb cut

The lamb cut is a popular style for poodles that is also applicable to the cockapoo. The lamb cut is a full-body, even, short cut that leaves the hair looking fluffy and full. The face and feet are shaved close to the skin, while the body hair length can vary depending on the aesthetic of the owner. The lamb cut can be modified to leave a beard on the face of the cockapoo, and the ears can either be cut down or brushed and trimmed in a classic cocker ear style.

Cocker cut

The cocker cut is the classic grooming style of the cocker spaniel. The cocker cut leaves a crest of longer hair on the top of the head while still clipping in front of the eyes. The body is cut close and the hair on the stomach is left longer to form a skirt, as in a cocker spaniel show cut. The ears should be brushed and clipped evenly at the bottom. The cocker cut makes it easier to distinguish the dog as a cockapoo, since it has a cocker appearance with poodle hair.

Puppy cut

The puppy cut is an evenly shaved cut over the entire coat. The puppy cut is easiest to maintain and only requires brushing a few times a week. The cut can be repeated every two or three months as long as the hair in front of the eyes is clipped when necessary. The puppy cut can be modified to include a crest on top of the head and the cocker ears to more easily identify the dog as a cockapoo.

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