The Basset Hound is loving, gentle dog that is great with kids and is a popular family pet. Bred to track and hunt small animals, Basset Hounds follow their noses and love to chase a scent. Purchasing or adopting a dog is a major decision. A Basset Hound may be the perfect choice for you, but it is important to first understand the pros and cons of the breed.



According to the American Kennel Club, the Basset Hound's loyal, gentle and loving demeanour make them excellent companions. Basset Hounds are patient with children and do not bite, so they are a great choice for families.


Temperament Indoors

Basset Hounds are calm indoors and are happy living in an apartment, according to The breed's manageable size also makes it a good choice for someone who lives in an apartment. That said, as born hunters, Basset Hounds do love the outdoors and require regular exercise.


Grooming and Maintenance

Because their hair is so short, Basset Hounds do not require a lot of grooming and are easy to maintain. However, Basset Hounds shed more than you might expect from a shorthaired breed, according to, and tend to drool after they eat or drink. A Basset Hound may not be a good choice for someone who likes a very tidy house.



Although they are very intelligent, Basset Hounds are stubborn and can be difficult to train. Patience, consistency and persistence are essential to training a Basset Hound.


Outdoor Temperament

Bred as hunting and tracking dogs, the Basset Hound loves to follow a scent. The American Kennel Club writes that "new owners should be prepared for a dog that actively follows scent while outside or on walks."



Prone to obesity, Basset Hounds require regular exercise to stay in shape and healthy. Their long, droopy ears should be cleaned weekly to prevent infection. Like many purebred dogs, Basset Hounds are prone to health problems as they age. Basset Hounds live about 10-12 years.

  • Prone to obesity, Basset Hounds require regular exercise to stay in shape and healthy.