Baby Shower Cakes With Thumper the Rabbit Decorations

Thumper is a cartoon rabbit character from the animated movie “Bambi,” and is known for thumping his hind left foot in excitement. The childlike characteristics of Thumper make him an ideal model to display on baby shower cakes. Baby shower cake decorations are sweet and often detailed, creating a fun, edible centrepiece for any baby shower party.

Colours and Design for a Thumper-Themed Baby Shower

Choose a boy or girl theme cake and coordinating colours. Many cake decorators have pictures to illustrate the available designs to choose from, such as polka dots and stripes. Decide how many tiers the cake will need, depending on the crowd expected at the baby shower party. Choose how you would like Thumper to be displayed on the cake, such as an iced Thumper, a plastic Thumper topper, or any other type of Thumper cake decoration. According to the type of Thumper theme used in the decorations, choose a similar Thumper style to reflect on the cake.

Thumper Cake Toppers for a Baby Shower

Create a baby shower cake that is topped with a Thumper figure. Set a plastic Thumper on the top of a baby shower cake and outline the sides with a trail of carrots made from icing. Surround Thumper with edible grass, flowers and tree logs made from icing or gum paste. For an edible Thumper topper, create a Thumper figure made out of edible fondant icing on top of the cake. Fondant icing is often used to decorate professional cakes due its malleability capability to hold its form. Colour the fondant to match Thumper’s colouring. Surround the fondant rabbit with fondant flowers. To further the baby shower theme, place plastic Thumper figurines on the table surrounding the cake and wrap gifts in Thumper wrapping paper.

Airbrushed Thumper Baby Shower Cake

Display a baby shower cake with an airbrushed Thumper image. Cake decorators airbrush cakes with food colouring to create a smooth, colourful picture. Bring a chosen Thumper picture or scene to a professional cake decorator so they may copy the image onto paper, making a template. The finished result is a smooth, colourful cake that displays your chosen Thumper scene. According to your preference, the entire outer surface of the cake can be airbrushed, or only the top. Set the finished cake on a table decorated with Thumper images. Surround the cake with baby shower gifts. Place balloons by the cake that match the colours used in the Thumper image. Choose balloons with a baby shower theme, such as a balloon that reads "Baby boy" or "Baby girl".

Gel-Stamped Thumper Baby Shower Cake

Images can be stamped onto a cake with gel food colouring. This looks particularly attractive when the rest of the cake is simple. Use a cake with two or more tiers. Decorate the bottom tier with small dots using an icing bag and small, round icing tip. Create larger dots around the bottom edge of the cake and where the bottom and top tiers meet. Stamp a Thumper image on each side of the top tier. Use the same colour of gel food colouring to outline the top and sides of the cake. Top the cake with a simple bow. The simplicity of the cake creates a modern feel. Decorate the baby shower venue in the same fashion, using a simple table cloth to cover the food table. Set the cake in the middle of the table and surround it with the other foods and drinks. Cover another table with the same table cloth. Paint, draw or print an image of Thumper, mimicking the image stamped on the cake. Frame the artwork and set it on the table. Wrap gifts in Thumper wrapping paper or put them in gift bags decorated with Thumper images. Set the gifts on the table. Tie bows around the backs of chairs that match the bow on the cake.

Diaper Cake and Thumper Baby Shower Decoration

Create a diaper cake and top it with a toy Thumper. Diaper cakes are made by rolling numerous diapers and banding them together, creating two or more tiers. Ribbons decorate the perimeters of the diaper cake to look like icing layers. Tie Thumper toys and plastic carrots onto the diaper cake to further the decorations. Select a stuffed toy Thumper to fit the top of the diaper cake. Choose one that is not too large or too small, but that fits well on the top without toppling over.

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