The best color curtain for a turquoise room

Updated February 21, 2017

The bold shade of turquoise, which falls somewhere between the energising nature of green and the serene quality of blue, is a striking decorative addition to any room of the home. Adding curtains to a turquoise space means selecting fabrics in shades that are complementary to the room's main hue; the best light or dark colours are those that fit your decorative style and the rest of the room's decor.

Classic White

A classic, bright shade of white pairs well with turquoise since it's a vivid "colour" addition that is noticeable but doesn't compete with the main hue. For instance, white silk curtains add a bit of sophistication to a turquoise master bedroom while thin cotton curtains in white for a small window in the bathroom brighten up the room without downplaying the feature hue. White curtains tinged with silver or threaded with grey are the ideal addition for a turquoise living room as the metallic aspect pairs well with bright turquoise and adds an element of modern style.

Dark Gray

Medium and charcoal grey curtains provide a visually pleasing contrast against turquoise walls. The muted colour allows the vivid nature of turquoise to shine and keeps the room from looking too childlike. For instance, dark grey curtains in a turquoise family room or home office, particularly in a heavy material like tweed or velvet, make the room elegant without taking away the upbeat nature of turquoise. Sheer, medium grey curtains in a kitchen painted turquoise allow the light to shine in easily and complements silver or grey kitchen accents like canisters and appliances well.


Aubergine curtains are ideal for a turquoise room where other jewel tones are featured. For instance, in a living room with bronze mirrors and lamps, along with vases filled with synthetic jewels and stones in shade of ruby, gold, and emerald, deep purple curtains will add more rich colour while drawing attention to the turquoise walls and furniture pieces near the window, like throw pillows or area rugs. Rich purple curtains are also ideal for a child's room decorated in jewel tones. The vibrant nature of turquoise wall panelling and comforters is showcased further with purple drapes that are just as rich in colour or bordered with images that fit the room's theme, like turquoise flowers or princess crowns.

Dark Blue

A darker but less bold shade of blue for a turquoise room, like royal or navy, gives a monochromatic look that allows you to adorn the rest of the room with more variations of blue. Dark blue curtains are especially noticeable against a turquoise wall but also make the vivid quality of turquoise a little more subdued, such as rich blue shower curtains for a bathroom painted in turquoise. Decorating the rest of the bathroom in turquoise and other blue shades, like a metal pail painted turquoise and filled with powder blue, medium blue and turquoise linens, will still attractively showcase the main turquoise colour while creating a colour palette that is relaxing to the eye.

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