Scary face painting ideas for adults

Updated November 21, 2016

As an adult, you can be a lot more creative with scary face painting designs than when you were a kid. R-rated face paintings are more terrifying than the G-rated, child-appropriate faces, such as pirates and pumpkin faces. Use your imagination, and the full extent of delightfully scary, bloody, gory and disturbing options available to create truly horrifying face painting designs.


Adult face painting designs can have extensive blood drips and smears. Using red water-based face paint to paint on blood is the best option for children because it does not matter if they get it in their mouth, on their clothes or on everything around them. But adults can get away with using gooey, dripping fake blood. Apply fake blood generously to any part of the face or body. Create the look of a bloodthirsty dentist, hack surgeon or severely injured hospital patient and go whole hog on the fake blood application.


The more mature the subject being painted, the more likely they are to hold still for long periods of time. For this reason, adults can have more intricate face painting designs. A werewolf is an effective looking detailed face painting design that you can paint on an adult face. Also, body painting, which requires both the subject and face painter to have extreme patience, is an option. Paint an adult like a creepy whole-body skeleton. This will take a great deal of time and hours of the subject having to hold their hands and legs still in sometimes awkward positions, but it looks amazingly frightening once its completed.


Put a little bit of glamour and allure into your adult face painting by painting an attractive zombie or vampire. Balance elegant and scary by having a stylish hairdo to accent the traditionally pale face and dark eyes. A devil face can also be both scary and sexy. Men can accent their masculine features by darkening the eye brows and painting on a moustache. Women can wear traditionally sexy make-up, including deep red lipstick, rouge cheeks and sparkly green eyeshadow. Add pretty red swirls and devilish red symbols to the face and body to act as pretty devil tattoos.


Adults are less likely to pick off extensions to the face. Use scar wax to create bullet wounds and deep scratch marks on your face painting designs. Attach objects to the face by nestling them in the scar wax, like a broken pencil to give the impression of a stabbing or small piece of wire and springs protruding to create the idea that the person is mechanical beneath the skin. Scar wax can also be used to attach fake eyes, horns and other body parts to make horrifying monsters and aliens.

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