Teenage Boys' Bedrooms Color Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

When decorating your teenage son's bedroom, colour has nearly everything to do with the decor. The easiest way to inject a dose of colour into your son's bedroom is to start with the walls. You can mix and match the furniture, as well as the accessories, to complement the walls. Give your son a voice when choosing the paint colour for his room. Work closely with him to ensure that his space is exactly how he wants it. You can choose from several variations of colours that would be fitting for a teenage boy's room.

Traditional Blues

The colour blue is, traditionally, a colour chosen for boys. If your teen wants to keep in line with the colour blue, there are a wide variety of blue shades to choose from ranging from dark to light. For a twist, paint two walls a dark shade of blue and the two remaining walls a light shade for contrast. Furniture and accessories in shades of blue, white and cream will work well for the space.

Bright Bold Neons

Bright oranges and neon greens are the ideal hues for a teenage boy who enjoys the energy of vibrant colours. You can paint all the walls in the same neon shade or paint each wall a different colour. For the furniture and accessories, select funky pieces that will go hand in hand with the brightly painted walls.

Rich Earth Tones

If your teenage son is a bit more mature, he might prefer rich earth tones, which are common shades that an adult man might choose for his clothing or home decor Rich browns, burgundy and various shades of gold are the types of colours that might work well as paint colours for the room. Paint the walls in the same shade, and use gold paint for stencil work or accents. For the furniture and accessories, select antique pieces that will coordinate well with the richly coloured walls.


If your teenage son is a science-fiction buff, a room that glows in the dark might be a good choice for him. A wide variety of glow-in-the-dark paints are available in paint stores. You can choose to paint all of the walls a dark shade, such as black, and then paint designs or pictures on top of it with the glow-in-the-dark paints. Alternatively, you can paint two or more walls with the glow-in-the-dark paint exclusively. For the furniture and accessories, select simple pieces that will not overwhelm the already bright walls.

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