What two bedroom colours go well together?

Updated February 21, 2017

Customising your bedroom is perhaps the most intimate home decor project you'll take on, so you'll want the colour scheme in the room to reflect your need to relax after a long day, or study intently at the bedroom's desk.There are several colour combos that pair together well in a bedroom and can add visual contrast.

Orange and Blue

Blue and orange are directly opposed to one another on the colour wheel, which means they contrast one and other well when it comes to home decor. It's best to use modest or medium shades of orange and blue for the bedroom so the hues don't overpower one another--e.g. a persimmon and periwinkle-striped accent wall. Slightly brighter colour pairings can grace the bed, such as royal blue throw pillows to contrast the peachy-orange comforter. Pronounced or sophisticated shades of blue and orange are ideal for the bedroom's curtains, such as cobalt blue or burnt orange, and will stand out against the accent wall.

Blue and Brown

The mixture of warmth and calm is evident when blue and brown are present in the bedroom. Blue is the colour of relaxation and sensibility, and since it's in the "cool" family, it has the ability to make the walls look as though they're receding, which makes the bedroom appear larger. A soft shade of blue, like robin's egg, will be pleasantly complemented with chocolate brown panelling, and a nutmeg-brown comforter with royal blue stripes will give the bedroom an air of serenity and contentment. If the walls are painted a bronze-like shade of brown, a navy blue or dark turquoise shade will give the bedroom a jewel-toned theme and make it easy to add bright white accents like rose flower arrangements or area rugs.

Red and Green

Another colour pairing that features shades on both side of the colour wheel is red and green. While these hues are often associated with Christmas, you can make them work in the bedroom by pairing a bold shade of ruby red with a lighter green like pistachio or sea foam. For instance, deep red end tables on either side of the bed adorned with light green candles or potpourri arrangements will add just the right amount of colour to a neutral-themed room. Or, paint the walls a pronounced shade of grass or spinach green, and add artwork to the walls that features demure, blush shades of red to give the bedroom an added sense of warmth.

Pink and Gray

The pretty combination of grey and pink is ideal for a feminine bedroom, but will work well in a couple's bedroom as well. Light or pastel pink with a white-ish or modest shade of grey is ideal for a little girl's bedroom--think grey or silver-ish stars painted on the pink accent wall, and a pink chest of drawers with silver handles. Slate grey and fuchsia are ideal for an couple's bedroom as a visual combination of masculine and feminine shades--e.g. a grey wall accented with fuchsia curtains, or a fuchsia chaise draped with a slate grey throw blanket.

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