Kitchen Worktop Colors

Updated February 21, 2017

The workspace in the kitchen should be just as decoratively inspiring as the rest of the room. Using colours that reflect your home decor style, or selecting hues that evoke certain emotions, can draw attention to the worktop by making it the brightest feature in the kitchen, encouraging you to create more delicious recipes.


Green promotes a sense of well-being, and is easy for the eyes to view for long periods of time. So, if you cook often, or like to try new recipes, you'll be a little more motivated to do so if your worktop kitchen space is green. A kitchen decorated with black or stainless steel appliances will come alive with a pronounced shade of green that is the colour of a fresh-cut lawn; a white or tan kitchen will look great with sea foam or pastel green worktops. The counters can serve as the "pop" of colour amid the modest decor.

Red or Orange

Variations of orange or red are warm colours that evoke excitement and happiness. The hues are associated with heat and fire, which is related to cooking. Red can actually awaken human metabolism, which will help you to look forward to the meal you're preparing. A kitchen with dark or medium wood cabinets and flooring will look especially inviting with elegant shades of red, such as pomegranate or ruby, for the worktop. Peachy shades, or a shade that resembles the orange, is ideal for the worktop in a kitchen with light wood or white accents.


Purple is a mixture of red and blue, or the balance of vibrant energy and calm stability. Purple, often associated with royalty, is the colour of spiritual balance, so it's perfect if you cook to relieve stress after a long day, or find preparing meals therapeutic. Lilac or lavender worktops are the ideal selection for a country-style kitchen decorated with ivory cabinets and light hardwood floors. A kitchen with deliberately warm shades, such as cherrywood cabinets and flooring, will be even more attractive with eggplant-coloured counters near the stove or on the kitchen island.


Slate grey kitchen worktops make a modern kitchen even more sleek and modern, especially if the kitchen is mainly decorated in stainless steel. A kitchen with black appliances or tile floors can maintain its monochromatic appeal with charcoal grey worktops for the kitchen's largest counters, or grey tiles on the top of the kitchen island. Add a splash of colour, like a few tile squares in cherry red or violet, to the island for a modern look.

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