Goodie bag ideas for grown-ups

Updated February 21, 2017

If you do not think the fun of goody bags should be limited to kids, hand out some more adult versions to grown-up party guests. A goody bag is unexpected and can really make an impression on partygoers. Tailor bags to the theme of your event, or just toss some trinkets in bags that will make people smile.

Gift Cards

Slip a gift card into a treat bag for guests to enjoy. It can be for just a few dollars if that is all you can afford, but that is enough for one cup of coffee, a few MP3 downloads or a small token at a retail store. Gift cards to places people may not visit often, such as an ice cream parlour, will be appreciated. Recipients will enjoy the decadent treat.


Snacks are a natural addition to any gift bag for people of all ages. For a more grown-up take on a snack gift bag, choose items such as gourmet chocolate, mini bags of microwave popcorn, snack crackers and individual-sized jams, jellies or salsas, which can be purchased at a gourmet market. Small bags of nuts, pretzels or dried fruit are other options. Sampler-sized bags of coffee or a few tea bags would work, too.

Kitchen Items

Small kitchen items go great inside a goody bag, especially if you are hosting a dinner party. Wine tools, measuring spoons, a timer or even a cute spatula would work. A cute dish towel or potholder would go over well, as would a coffee mug filled with candy or biscotti.


Put together a goody bag with a stationery theme. A nice pen, note pad, journal or funky Post-it notes are always handy to have around. A purse-sized address book, book of stamps or some pretty paper and envelopes do not cost much and are convenient sizes for goody bags.

Homemade Treats

Make a few dozen batches of your famous chocolate chip cookies and bag them up in cellophane bags tied with curling ribbon. Attach a recipe card to the ribbon. Alternately, bake brownies, breads, muffins or anything that you feel is your best creation and your guests will be delighted with their homemade goody bag treats.

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