Colors That Go With Gray for Interior Decorating

Updated February 21, 2017

Neutral shades of grey are a safe choice for home decorating, and light or dark greys can be paired with both bright or muted colours. Whether you want to use neon or bright shades in your home to give it a vibrant or upbeat feel, or want to couple grey with demure or classic colours for sophisticated warmth, grey serves as a capable palette for several colour variations.


Green, the colour of nature and new ideas, is the ideal complement to grey because it adds balanced brightness to the neutral shade. Slate grey variations pair well with leaf or Kelly green, such as a green stripe in the centre of a grey bathroom accent wall. Pistachio or sea foam green is the best choice for very light or very dark greys, like light green bedding in a room with soft grey walls or a pistachio green chest of drawers against a charcoal grey wall. Neon green is an eye-catching accent to slate grey as well and is best used in a child's bedroom or small area like the hallway so the shade won't be too overwhelming. For instance, lime green throw pillows in your child's grey-themed bedroom, or bright green candle arrangements in a grey hallway or corridor, add a fun yet demure burst of colour.

Gold and Silver

Metallic shades add a somewhat monochromatic feel to a grey room, which makes for instant elegance. Light or medium grey walls with silver panelling and black and white photos housed in gold frames are a striking addition to the living room. A charcoal grey bedroom adorned with gold throw pillows that adorn a bed with light grey sheets or a slate grey chaise is visually appealing and leaves room for you to add any colour you want when you change up your bedroom decor. Silver decorative plates and synthetic flower arrangements sprayed with gold are a classy addition to the kitchen, particularly if your appliances are made of stainless steel.


Jewel tones of purple like aubergine are the ideal colour accent for medium and slate grey variations, as well as the "bear creek" shade of grey, which has a purple tinge. Adding aubergine curtains to a grey wall or purple velvet throw blankets to a bed adorned with purple-grey comforters and sheets adds a feeling of regal comfort to the bedroom. Very light shades of grey in the bathroom are best paired with lavender or lilac shades with small dark purple accents throughout. For instance, a flower arrangement of lilacs with a few violets in a silver frame is pleasing to the eye when placed on a grey marble bathroom counter.


Pink and grey is a pretty colour combination, particularly when the two shades are in the pastel family. Rose pink and the "mesquite" shade of light grey are a demure addition to a little girl's room; you can paint the accent wall a soft pink, and leave the rest of the walls grey while adding pink panelling, and add silver and pink throw pillows to the bed. Bolder pink hues like fuchsia can take on darker shades of grey with blue tinges, such as a slate blue armchair or love seat with bright pink accent pillows. Bright pink china in a blue-grey curio cabinet or a pink backsplash in a kitchen with grey appliances adds a touch of feminine beauty to the space.

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