Birthday Cake Ideas With Dorothy From the "Wizard of Oz"

Updated July 20, 2017

Dorothy of "The Wizard of Oz" is a beloved character for all ages, making her a great character for a themed birthday party. An important aspect of any themed birthday party is, of course, a fabulous cake. Even if you have limited cake-baking experience, making your own Dorothy birthday cake doesn't have to be complicated or expensive.

Dorothy Edible Cake Images

Bake a sheet cake and cover it with icing. Very carefully peel a purchased edible cake image of Dorothy from the paper backing and place it on your cake. Gently press from the centre of the image to the outside edges to create a smooth look. Add decorative boarders, text and embellishments as desired.

Dorothy Cake Topper

Choose a Dorothy figure that will be light enough to gently sit atop the cake without collapsing it. Bake a sheet cake, and frost it with a thin layer of white icing. Blend white icing with green food colouring, and place into a piping bag. Pipe two lines of green icing across the centre of the cake, leaving a blank space between them for the yellow brick road. Fill in the top and bottom of your cake with green icing. Ensure you leave the centre blank. Once the green icing is done, gently press the spatula into it and pull straight up to create a grassy texture. Blend white icing and food colouring to create yellow. Pipe yellow icing along the blank space and fill with in to create the base of the road. Use a bakery texture mat to create bricks or gently use a butter knife to create a brick pattern. Place Dorothy in the centre. Decorate with boarders, flowers or text as desired.

Ruby Slipper Cake

Create a pair of Dorothy's famous ruby slippers from square cakes. Bake two 8-by-8-inch cakes and allow them to cool. Put icing on top of one cake and stack the other on top. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Cut each cake in half. Use a serrated knife to carefully shave off edges to create shoe shapes. Ice each shoe with red icing. Pipe small black oval shapes atop the centre of each oval and fill with black frosting. Sprinkle red sugar to create glitter onto the red frosting.

Dorothy Doll Cake

Pick out a Dorothy doll or use any inexpensive doll with brown hair and a blue or white top. Give her pigtails, and tie them with blue ribbons. Place red doll shoes on her feet. Fill a dome pan with cake mix and bake. Place white and blue icing into separate icing bags. Using a large tip, alternate blue and white dots to create a checkered pattern. Separate the doll's legs from its torso. Place the doll's torso at the top the dome. Place each leg near the bottom of the dome so she appears to be sitting.

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