Dining room colors that go with sage green

Updated March 23, 2017

As you put together your dining room containing sage green, look to neutrals and warm colours to go with your design. Bring the colour in through the fabrics or furniture of the room. Even the picture frames can bring in the accent colours to give your room more of a designer touch.


Although your first inclination may be to combine a sage green with a dove grey, this combination may be a bit too dreary for a dining room. Consider a warm light neutral instead, such as a creamy white, as the tinge of yellow in the cream brings warmth to the grey undertones of the sage. You can paint the walls a creamy white, pick white furniture for the room or accent the room with the colour in pillows or window treatments. Either way you use it, these two colours blend well together in any room.


Try a neutral black in a sage green dining room. High-gloss black lacquer furniture, such as a display cabinet or a sideboard, will create a dramatic effect against a painted sage green wall. Not only will the glossy finish contrast the mat paint, but as the stronger colour, the black becomes predominant, drawing the eye to the furniture while the sage acts as a backdrop. An ebony stain, applied to a wood kitchen table and chair set, gives a similar but less dramatic contrast.


A combination of deep brown and sage blend well in a dining room. The rich tones of a chocolate brown bring out the soothing green tones of the sage green. Pair the two on your table in a patterned linen arrangement, such as on a tablecloth, runner, placemat or napkin. Hang a window treatment consisting of print curtains or a stained wood cornice with sage curtain panels. Dining room chairs, stained a deep brown, may contain sage green cushions, or accent a brown wood picture frame with a sage green mat.

Warm Colors

Warm colours, such as orange or yellow, highlight the green tones in the sage and offset the grey tones; giving the colour combination a more vibrant and airy feel. A warm bright red pops against a sage green as the two are diametrically opposite each other on the colour wheel. You can bring these warm colours into the dining room as a group in a rug design, set under the dining table. Some designs to consider include a floral motif, an old world vine motif or a multicoloured stripe or geometric pattern.

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