Ideas for Adult Scavenger Hunts

Updated February 21, 2017

Scavenger hunts aren't just for kids. Adults can play them at parties, as company team-building activities or just for fun. To set up an adult scavenger hunt, make a list of things each team must collect or take pictures of, break the party into teams and set them loose. The team to check off the most items on each list in an allotted amount of time wins.

Hen Party Scavenger Hunt

Instead of hiring a stripper for a hen party, hold a scavenger hunt in a bar. On the list of items to collect include: the bartender's signature; a picture of a man kissing each team member on the cheek; an empty shot glass; the name and phone number of three different men; a picture of a dart hitting the bull's eye; a condom from a stranger's wallet; or a pair of men's boxers --- a picture or the actual boxers. You could also turn this activity into a stag party scavenger hunt.

City Scavenger Hunt

If you and your friends are tired of going to dinner, hanging out at the bar or hitting up the cinema, arrange a city scavenger hunt instead. This activity also helps people new to area learn about their new community. Items on your scavenger hunt list should include: signatures from 10 strangers; a pamphlet from the local art or history museum; a picture of the mayor's office, courthouse and prison; a bus schedule; a cupcake from a bakery; a picture of a teammate on the swings; and a receipt for a petrol station.

Anywhere Scavenger Hunt

You can host an anywhere scavenger hunt at just about any event such as a wedding shower or adult birthday party and at any location such as a house, hotel or restaurant. The items on this type of scavenger hunt list can be from just about anywhere. On your list include finding or taking pictures of different types of money such as a penny minted in the year the engaged couple met, a £1.30 bill or a Susan B. Anthony coin. Think of items that might take a person outside, such a picture of a bird, car or tree. Or select items that might be inside a purse such as breath mints, lipstick or the hologram on a credit card. You can also use items that people are wearing, such as a picture of a diamond ring, a red scarf or white socks.

Adventure Scavenger Hunt

If you and your friends like an adrenalin rush, go on an adventure scavenger hunt. The items on these lists include videos or photographs of adventures each team must go on. You could include bungee jumping, skydiving or rock climbing if you're truly daring. Or you and your friends can put together a list of dares such as posing as a mannequin in a store window, asking for the phone number of the cute girl who waits tables at your favourite bar or serenading a stranger in the park.

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