How to Customize a Zippo Lighter

paint image by Darren Nickerson from

Owning a Zippo lighter is a statement of independence from plastic lighters and unique style for many smokers. Zippos are also cost effective. With a plastic lighter you must continue to buy new ones. With a Zippo, you can refill flint and lighter fluid without ever buying a plastic lighter again.

Some Zippo lighters come customised but for those who have a plain, undecorated one, a little personal customisation can lead to a truly one-of-a-kind lighter.

Apply some stickers to the Zippo. Choose stickers that reflect your interests or personality. High quality stickers will stay stuck to the lighter longer and won't deteriorate as quickly.

Use the painting supplies to paint the Zippo. Consider painting your name, patterns or just splattering a little colour on to go from plain to colourful.

Take your Zippo to a jeweller or engraver. A professional can inlay a permanent name, address, pattern or design on the lighter for you.

Scratch the Zippo up a lot to give it that old school look. You can do this by grinding it on the ground under your shoe or using any sharp or pointed object.