The best methods for attaching a fake mustache

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A fake moustache is often worn for costume events such as Halloween or for a play performance. However, fake moustaches can also be just plain fun as an accessory to any outfit and, when attached appropriately, can add an offbeat touch of humour and whimsy.

Spirit Gum

The classic way to attach a fake moustache with reliable staying power is by using spirit gum, a glue-like adhesive meant for application to the face. Spirit gum, however, can be messy to work with and painful to remove. Apply the spirit gum directly to your face, tap it to activate it and then press your moustache into place. Use remover designed especially for spirit gum for the easiest moustache removal.

Self-Adhesive Mustache

Many inexpensive moustaches are available with self-adhesive backs. Though these products may not hold up to the rigours of being worn during a stage performance under hot lights, they might be the perfect choice for surprising your friends or attending a costume party. Self-adhesive moustaches come packaged with a protective strip of paper that must be peeled off to access the sticky backing. Make sure to wait until the moment you are ready to attach your moustache before peeling off the protective backing.

Attach with an Elastic Band

If you'd like to make a homemade construction paper moustache, attach it to your head by adding a band of thin elastic (the sort used for commercial Halloween masks). Create your moustache and then hold it up to your face to measure the necessary length of elastic. Cut the elastic to length and attach it to the moustache with staples or hot glue. The elastic band will let you avoid adhering a moustache directly to your face.

Wear "Groucho" Glasses

Groucho Marx, the famous comedian of film and TV, spawned a whole category of costume disguise. A large pair of eyeglasses with a large fake nose and brush-shaped fake moustache can be purchased as an all-in-one costume piece often referred to as "Groucho" glasses. Some models also include bushy fake eyebrows. This moustache application only requires putting the glasses on as you would any pair of glasses.

Put Your Mustache on a Stick

If you have an outlandishly large homemade moustache, or you simply don't want the moustache attached to your face, attach it instead to a small piece of dowel pole or wooden stick. This hand-held moustache can be "attached" to your face at will simply by holding it up against your face with the moustache in place just above your upper lip.

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