Prayer Corner Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

A prayer corner designates a sacred space for reading and reflection. A dedicated space for quiet reflection will allow you to concentrate on worship and not on the things around you. What you include in your prayer corner depends on your personal beliefs and religion. The purpose of the space remains the same whether you are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Muslim. Incorporate some of these tips to enhance your prayer time.

Designate a Space for Prayer and Reflection

Designate a dedicated space for your prayer corner. Possible options include a closet, a corner in your bedroom, living room or a guest bedroom. These areas will be away from distractions and noise, which will encourage quiet reading and reflection. If your prayer corner will be a spot in another room, make sure that the space is separate from the other functions of the room. A prayer closet is a unused closet where you can sit and shut the rest of the world away.

Create a Seating Area

You prayer corner should be a comfortable and inviting area. Lay a rug on the floor to divide the space from the rest of the room. Add a comfortable chair for reading or writing, and if space allows, a kneeler for prayer. Place a table next to the chair. Include a table lamp or floor lamp. Position an ottoman by the chair, so you can recline. If space is an issue, use a floor pillow on which to sit. If your prayer corner is in a closet, position a kneeler inside, to maximise the space.

Add Religious Icons

Surround your prayer corner with symbols of your faith. Paintings and statues are focusing objects to direct your prayers. Include a few translations of your holy text and a journal for making notes. Include a potted plant and holy water and oil. Play spiritual music through a CD player or MP3 player. To preserve the calmness of your prayer corner, keep religious symbols to a minimum, so the space does not become cluttered.

Other Accessories

No pray corner is complete without candles. The flames represents eternal life and are lit for special intentions. Frame photos of loved ones, living or deceased, to remember in prayer. Dress the table with a fabric that represents the season or particular church themes, such as Easter or Christmas. Do not forget incense or a scented candle.

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