Ideas for sports-themed birthday cakes

Updated November 21, 2016

A sports birthday cake highlights the thrill of the game or a symbol of championship. Choose a cake that matches the birthday boy's taste preferences for chocolate, vanilla or strawberry. Feature sporting logos, team colours and even trophies on the cake, depending on the type of sports party you're hosting. Sometimes, a large ball-sized cake is the perfect centrepiece; you only need to decided what type of ball to focus on.

Football Star

Order a cake in the shape of a large football for the football star in your family. You can also choose a sheet cake that looks like a football field and has small plastic players on the top. A cake in the shape of a football helmet that matches your son's favourite team colours and symbols can also work well for a sports birthday party. If you would rather make the cake yourself you can also buy small football helmets and use them to create a border around the sheet cake.

Golf Pro

Order a cake that looks like a giant golf ball or a miniature golf location. The cake can include all the little golf houses, pyramids and other obstacles. A cake in the shape of a golf bag resting on its side with clubs and golf balls coming out of it also serves as an attractive design.

Surfer Girl

Order a cake for a surfer girl's birthday. Ask the baker to make a large sheet cake with waves on top and place a surfer girl figurine on top of the cake. You can also ask for a cake to feature a rainbow of surf boards around the border or opt for a beach scene that features palm trees and edible sea shells adjacent to the waves.

Team Jersey Cake

Make or buy a cake in the shape of the birthday girl's favourite team jersey. Make sure the cake matches the colours and symbols on the jersey (bring a jersey to the baker to ensure the cake will turn out right). This sports-themed cake works well for almost any type of sport including soccer, baseball or football.

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