Room ideas with striped wallpaper

Updated March 23, 2017

You can decorate your room with striped wallpaper to achieve several different design effects. However, whether you are looking to hide the room's flaws or create an illusion with a stripe, you should also consider the shape of the furniture and wall items. Another item to consider is how to incorporate the colours of the stripes into the overall room design.

Horizontal Stripes

When most people think of stripes, vertical stripes come to mind. However, by turning the stripe on the wallpaper horizontally, so it resembles a railroad track, you get an unusual wallpaper design. Not only will the horizontal stripes give the room a wider appearance, but it also allows you to give movement to the room. Encourage the movement by placing mirrors, photographs and art objects along the horizontal lines and using furniture that mimics the lines on the wallpaper.

Vertical Stripes

Make a room look taller by applying striped wallpaper with vertical lines, or create an accent wall by applying stripes to one wall in the room. Several choices include equally sized stripes of two or three colours, one large stripe separated by a smaller stripe or a pinstripe outlined in a different colour. Design a modern look in the room by using curved furniture, such as a humpback sofa, a sofa made from numerous round cushions or one with a polka dot fabric design.


A combination of vertical and horizontal striped wallpaper gives an interesting design look to a room. Apply the vertical striped wallpaper to the top two-thirds of the wall and the horizontal striped wallpaper to the bottom third using the same wallpaper colours and stripes. Offset the linear look by using oval shapes on the wall in items, such as picture frames, mirrors and artwork. Remain in the same colour scheme, using one of the colours from the stripes as your main colour as you vary the size of the shapes.


One variation of striped wallpaper includes using items to make the stripes. A coloured background may contain evenly spaced columns that are used to create a striped effect on the paper. Another method is using a small repetitive pattern, such as diamond shapes or flowers and grouping them vertically down the wallpaper, giving the illusion of a stripe. A patterned wallpaper of paisley or flowers may contain a coloured stripe. When choosing these types of striped wallpaper, use the items in your accessories, such as throw pillows, artwork, bedding and curtains.

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