How to Decorate Around Lime Green Curtains

Updated February 21, 2017

Curtains can be useful decorating tools since they effectively block light coming into the room and can be pulled out of the way when you want to let more light in. One challenge with curtains is that they can dominate an entire wall depending on their size and colour and can be the first thing a person notices when entering a room. Decorating around lime-green curtains requires some effort because the lime colour can clash with the rest of the space if you are not careful.

Choose linens that will match the lime-green curtains. Use a green, white or blue comforter in a bedroom with lime-green curtains since those colours tend to blend well. Throws and blankets with those colours work well in living rooms featuring the green curtains and they will help the furniture match.

Use a carpet colour that matches the lime green, such as white, or forgo carpet entirely and select hardwood floors -- the wood tones go well with the curtains.

Fill the room with dark-brown, wooden furniture. Black or white furniture will work as well, depending on your personal preference.

Accessorise the walls with picture frames and other knick-knacks that go with the lime green. Green frames work well for pictures or you can hang small pink or yellow items to help the walls stand out against the curtains. Black, in small amounts, also goes well against the green.

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