Ideas for a middle eastern indian or arabian-style room

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Ideas for a middle eastern indian or arabian-style room
Decorative oil lamps are an ideal accessory for a Middle Eastern or Arabian-style room. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

When searching for decorating ideas for your home, you may often find inspiration in styles from other cultures. Middle Eastern, Indian or Arabian decor is an intriguing option because it incorporates a variety of influences, including Asian and Western European design styles, so it can provide a complex, diverse look for your home. If you are thinking of decorating a room in Middle Eastern, Indian or Arabic style, try to keep the decor as authentic as possible to give the space a truly dramatic and inviting look.

Choose Vibrant Colors

Middle Eastern, Arabian and Indian decor typically draws inspiration from a vibrant colour palette. When decorating a room in this style, you can choose both cool and warm tones, as long as they are rich and saturated shades. Deep blues and greens work well, as do purple and fuchsia shades. For warmer tones, opt for vibrant gold, orange and red. In a small room, using a dark shade on the walls can make the space feel smaller, so opt for a lighter shade of one of these tones and use the darker tones in accent pieces throughout the room. In a large space, you may opt to paint the walls a rich blue or wine colour for maximum impact.

Decorate with Fabric

Bold fabrics and textiles are an important feature in Middle Eastern and Indian decor and are an easy way to incorporate colour and pattern into a room. Use tapestries to decorate walls; you can even use a colourful bed sheet if you cannot find a tapestry that matches your decor. Colourful scarves may also be draped over lampshades for a decorative look, and a Persian rug with a vibrant pattern can be used to centre a seating area in a living room or dining room.

Use Authentic Lighting Fixtures

To give your room an authentic feel, use Middle Eastern, Arabian or Indian-inspired fixtures to brighten the space. Look for lighting fixtures that are made of brass and feature intricate, carved details. There are several options, including sconces, pendant lights and table lamps. A Middle Eastern--style chandelier is an ideal option for above a dining room table or seating area in a living room. Multicoloured hanging pendant lights can brighten a bedroom and add a decorative element as well. For a fun touch, opt for decorative lamps that mimic the look of traditional Middle Eastern oil lamps. Candlelight also complements this style of decor, so keep some candles on hand in your living room, dining room and bedroom for mood lighting.

Incorporate Plants

Middle Eastern decor often incorporates natural elements. Place potted plants throughout your room for added greenery and texture. Palm trees are ideal for placing in the corner of a room and work well in smaller rooms because they grow vertically. Lining a window sill with smaller, leafy plants can create an attractive look for a living room or dining room.

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