Wwe wrestling room decorating ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorate a bedroom to take your WWE wrestling fan into his own world where he feels like he's in the ring with his favourite wrestlers. Focus on his favourite wrestler if he has one, or incorporate a variety of wrestlers, including a few enemies. Turn the room into a fantasy ring where he can practice his moves safely.


Paint a mural on the wall to make your child feel like she's in the centre of the ring by painting three ropes around the entire room and a sea of blurry faces that look like a crowd. Add a few signs that feature her favourite wrestlers' names and her own name. Paint the WWE logo above her bed. Alternatively, use life-size peel-and-stick decals of her favourite WWE wrestlers or divas so that she can see them every day.

Frame posters or pictures of various WWE wrestlers if you'd rather not paint an entire mural.


Add a few themed pieces of furniture, such as an inflatable WWE wrestling ring bed or chair. Alternatively, plain furniture, such as white, wood-toned or black, will work. Padded furniture is best if you think your child and his friends may act out their favourite matches or create their own. Add pads to the corners of the dresser, shelf, bed and any other sharp surface. Cover the pads to look like the corners of a WWE ring if possible.


Use solid black bedding and curtains with the red and white WWE logo or a themed set with her favourite WWE superstar. Plain bedding and curtains work best if you have a busy mural on the wall or if your child changes her favourite wrestler as often as the wrestlers change sides. A less expensive option is to use a throw on top of the comforter with her favourite wrestler or diva of the week.


Accessorise the room with WWE memorabilia, toys or novelty items. Display memorabilia in a shadowbox or on a shelf to preserve its value. Likewise, toys or novelty items can be displayed on shelves or on the dresser. Purchase an alarm clock that looks like a WWE wrestling ring, bobble-head dolls or action figures. Set up a toy WWE ring with all the wrestlers, and update the match inside the ring weekly to correspond with the big fight of the week. Place a rug in the centre of the room with the WWE logo. Hang championship belts on the walls to complete the look.

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