Ideas for Cinderella Cake Toppers

Updated April 17, 2017

From small girls to brides-to-be, the Cinderella fairy tale captures the imagination. Weddings, bridal showers, birthdays and anniversaries all call for special cakes that celebrate the honoured girl or woman with a whimsical tribute to Cinderella. Small and large budgets alike can accommodate Cinderella-themed cakes, whether you roll your own fondant pumpkins or purchase a blown-glass Cinderella keepsake.

Keepsake Wedding Cake Toppers

Cinderella wedding cake toppers may feature branded or classic figurines, a glass slipper, a horse-drawn carriage or even a turreted castle. Available in glass, plastic, crystal and ceramic, these often-ornate cake toppers are meant to be keepsakes, as other wedding cake toppers are. Disney Cinderella cake toppers portray the familiar movie figures, while other Cinderella wedding cake toppers pay homage to the classic fairy tale through general representation. These toppers can be used on plain, simple cakes or on elaborately decorated cakes.

Kids' Cake Toppers

For princess-themed birthday parties, consider buying plastic Cinderella cake toppers through online party retailers. These may include one figurine or a set that includes a fairy godmother and other characters. If you wish to use the topper as part of a unique cake design, consider using a Cinderella doll torso on top of a gown skirt cake. Most children's Cinderella cake toppers represent the Disney Cinderella. Printable icing sheets can also be used to make edible images of Cinderella.

Edible Toppers

Rather than purchase a keepsake or other Cinderella cake topper, consider making an edible one. Roll fondant pumpkins; create a spun-sugar "glass" slipper; make a fondant carriage; form gum-paste flowers; or shape a fondant mop, bucket, broom and dustpan. Top a castle cake with edible turrets shaped with ice cream cones and fondant. For skilled confectioners, shape fondant Cinderella and Prince Charming figures dancing on a fondant parquet ballroom floor.

Crafted Toppers

Craft Cinderella cake toppers from items such as pumpkin home decor or use craft metal wire to form a carriage. For a wooden personalised topper, use a jigsaw to cut a wooden silhouette of a glass slipper, carriage or other object associated with the story. Paint the piece with acrylic paint and add a name or phrase. Glue a dowel rod onto the back of the piece and position the topper by inserting the dowel rod into the cake.

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